Wednesday, September 9, 2015

All-Star Comics - Hands Of The Hawk!

This colorized rendition of Joe Kubert's outstanding JSA portrait from Jim Steranko's History of Comics really shines. To see more check this out.

Although it's clear that even in glorious black and white the late great Kubert captured the Justice Society, shown nestled in the hands of Kubert's own signature character Hawkman. Sandman looks a little fey with his exceedingly un-manspreading leg postion and I have to confess the Spectre looks weirdly nonchalant for a ghostly avenger for divine justice. In fact I have to say most of them have a decidedly "Next Top Model" aspect to their poses. Did Kubert get his inspiration from one of those Sears catalogs of old which once upon a time were so crucial to the commercial welfare of the nation. It sure seems so.

Rip Off


  1. I’m wondering if this particular Kubert art wasn’t mystically tweaked by Johnny Thunder’s “magic thunderbolt”? Conceivably, this whole cover-posing situation could have been a somewhat mischievous machination of Johnny’s genie? Maybe that's why Johnny's grinning away on Hawkman’s shoulder there as well…

    1. Johnny does look just like an imp. Nice catch, I have to look at this one more closely still.

      Rip Off


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