Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Golden Derby - August 1965!

The march to create the "Action Heroes" continued apace fifty years ago this very month. Captain Atom gets his final reprint tryout and next up will be brand new stories by the same Gill-Dtiko team that first created him. Blue Beetle battles to save the Earth as always with bravado and vast magical might, but he too is due for an update. Charlton's genre work continues with a dandy installment of its durable car comic Hot Rods and Racing Cars, one of the very few companies which ever tried to mine this field. And the Li'l Genius, a reasonably successful Dennis the Menace knockoff neared the end of his run, making way for new comics to enter the schedule. And in the third issue of Special War Series we find a rock solid war comic, but the very next issue will offer something rather different and very very memorable. The "Scarlet Smasher" is about to enter the fray.

More next month. 

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