Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Atomic Spotlight 1960's - Nukla!

Go here to read Nukla #1

Nukla was one of Dell's unsuccessful attempts to tap the supehero trend of the 60's. Perhaps more than any other publisher, the folks at Dell seemed to lack all sympathy with the superhero concept, and so they mostly farmed out the few attempts they had to others, notably folks who often worked for Charlton. Nukla is the work of Sal Trapani, who along with his esteemed brother-in-law Dick Giordano and Steve Ditko fashioned the four issues of Nukla. Veteran writer Joe Gill was tapped to supply the scripts, a situation which is somewhat ironic since he along with Ditko had fashioned Captain Atom, the hero who Nukla is clearly based on.

To give Nukla a 60's cachet, he is C.I.A. agent Matt Gibbs, a U2 spy plane pilot,  fitting him directly into the political fabric of the age. He caught in a nuclear explosion and as usually happens in comics survives and in fact is transformed. Always preferring to wear his stylized pilot's uniform he gives off a vaguely military feel in the four issues of his comic which have him battle spies and maniacs across the globe. 

To read the Nukla stories in all their glory click on the links below each cover. 

Go here to read Nukla #2 

Go here to read Nukla #3 

Go here to read Nukla #4

Another spotlight shines next week. 

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