Thursday, July 16, 2015

Prince Of The Deep!

This is possibly my favorite image of Prince Namor of Atlantis. Captured here in rugged glory by John Buscema's pencils and Sol Brodsky's inks is a powerful figure positively glowing with alien nobility. There is a dour haughtiness in Namor's face, not unlike I daresay the "sneer of cold command" which Shelley so beautifully encapsulated in his classic poem "Ozymandias".

Here is that cover in its raw form, perhaps even a bit more impressive really.

And here it is in an oddball reverse mode for a 1979 reprint of the great debut issue.

Here are some other great Sub-Mariner covers by Buscema and others, both in wonderful four colors and in a raw black and white state. Enjoy!

(Note the shift in position of the Namor figure. )

Here's a great Sal Buscema cover, who eschewed the the rounded dome used by his brother and instead returned Namor's slightly triangular noggin.

And here is a fantastic Gil Kane image, cropped for the then common Marvel cover design showing Subby and the Torch once again mixing it up.

The first artist who portrayed Namor when he was brought back during the Marvel Age of Comics was Jack Kirby. Here are some of his most regal images of the audacious Sea King.

And here's something special by Marie Severin with words by Roy Thomas no doubt, written in remembrance of his friend Bill Everett, the Sub-Mariner's creator who died much too young.

Some Bill Everett arriving soon.

Rip Off

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