Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Diana Prince Adventures - Part Two!

Diana Prince, formerly known as "Wonder Woman" continues her new life as a mere human being in this volume of comics from 1969 and 1970. By this time Mike Sekowsky was not only drawing the adventures, he was both writing and editing the series.

Diana begins her newest life by helping out a pretty young waif who has fallen with a gang of Carnaby Street wannabes called "Them". This battle has some severe consequences for Diana who loses her botique to fire and has to begin again. I-Ching returns from Paradise Island to again partner with Diana and they confront a modern witch named Morgana who suffers from some fascinating psychological problems.

Diana then crosses over into Lois Lane's territory with a rather humdrum story by Robert Kanigher and above average art by Irv Novick about her finding a relationship with Superman which of course makes Lois jealous. The whole thing has a rather outlandish ending, not really in keeping with the new tone of the Wonder Woman series. A little better is the Brave and Bold team up with Batman, done by Mike Sekowsky which puts Diana in the midst of a motor race which has deadly consequences.

When we get back to Diana's adventures proper we find a neat three-parter (of sorts) which brings back an old enemy and forces Diana to travel after I-Ching back to his homeland of China where a whole new adventure, one with strong political consequences is waiting. There's a nifty sense of continuity in the stories at this time which present a Diana Prince who is at once strong and oddly vulnerable.

Sekowsky assisted by Dick Giordano continues to deliver strong artwork, ideal for the stories told in these issues. For the record, the cover for this collection came from a later issue, a reprint.

More to come next week.

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