Thursday, March 19, 2015


What a great book the Mister Miracle Artist's Edition is! I've been lusting to get my Kirby-lovin' mitts on this volume for nearly a half a year, ever since I saw it advertised late last summer! It was supposed to drop in December, but it didn't. Then January went by, and then February and frankly I got the sense it had been forgotten. No news.

But suddenly it was on the list of new arrivals yesterday and I had to wait all day until I got off work to get to the local store and snatch up a copy. The over-sized volume along with its companion New Gods Artist's Edition from last summer give a "Fourth Worlder" like me utterly fresh insights into the comic epic of our time. Scott Free has never been freer, Big Barda has never been bigger, and Oberon has never been shorter.

Here are the issues contained in this tome.

I only wish we had the debut issue and the fourth issue, the last half the battle with Doctor Bedlam, but that's a minor complaint indeed. In many ways considering the offhand way original comic book art was treated back in the day, to have what we have is amazing. This book is expensive, but for me it was worth it.

Now we need The Forever People.

Rip Off


  1. Rip --

    I recently purchased four volumes: Gil Kane's ASM, Buscema's Silver Surfer, Kubert's Tarzan, and the Marvel Covers volume.



    1. A lot of these are quite beautiful. I took a close look at the Steranko volumes which are wonderful and quite huge.

      Rip Off


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