Friday, March 13, 2015

Captain Nice!

Jack Kirby really knocked himself out on this promotional poster for NBC's 1967 super-heroic spoof show Captain Nice. The art here promises so much more than the show can ever deliver alas. The show was a project by Buck Henry in the Get Smart tradition, but lasted only a single season.

There was one comic book featuring a photo of star William Daniels as Captain Nice. I think I might have a rubbish copy of this around here somewhere, but I'd be exceedingly hard-pressed to find it.

Here's a glimpse of the back over of that single comic.

Here is the splash page for the first story advertised on the cover, and you can go here to read the whole thing.

Here is the splash to the last story in the issue and you can go here to read all of it.

This is a glimpse of a novel which was produced to coincide with the show, showcasing the same photo of Daniels in all his Captain Nice glory.

Rip Off


  1. I remember being 6 years old and being somewhat excited about this Captain Nice show – also recall another super character show by the name of Mr. Terrific…Both released to capitalize on the success of the Adam West POW-ZAP-WHAM Batman series of 66-67 I would guess…

    I don’t believe either show was ever rerun in syndication.

    1. I only ever saw Captain Nice. I didn't even know about the other show until the internet introduced me to it a few years ago. Love to get these on dvd.

      Rip Off

    2. Captain Nice ran on one of the predecessors to Comedy Central in the '90s, and there are entire episodes on YouTube. Mr. Terrific has never been rerun, but in 1973 three episodes were cut into a TV-movie called The Pill Caper, which is so obscure that not even IMDb knows about it. The entire Mr, Terrific series was issued on DVD in Germany some years ago and is in English.

  2. Both Captain Nice and Mr. Terrific lingered with our group for years after they ran. They were fondly remembered though neither was really spectacular in any way.
    Wally Cox starred as Mr. Terrific. He had higher name recognition back then, but William Daniels had multiple guest roles on Star Trek, so he won for us.
    Slight ramble...


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