Friday, December 12, 2014

Hanging The Green #1 - No Evil Shall Escape!

The saga of Green Lantern and Green Arrow officially begins with the eighty-fifth issue of Green Lantern's comic.

Last Broome and Kane Issue
The series had been long the domain of writer John Broome and artist Gil Kane who under the editorial direction of Julie Schwartz had made the Green Lantern a mainstay of science fiction superheroics. But with the departure of that team when Broome retired and Kane headed off to try his hand at some independent ventures, a new direction was sought. So Denny O'Neil and superstar artist Neal Adams came aboard and things really changed dramatically.

The Green Lantern character was one of DC's oldest, created by Martin Nodell in the Golden Age as a magical powered blonde hero and reliable member of the Justice Society of America. He starred in his own title until like nearly all the other super types of the time he disappeared.

Years later when super heroics again seemed a profitable approach the Green Lantern concept was taken out and dusted off, and given a distinctly science fiction environment with a reasonably vibrant cast. Again the Lantern became a mainstay of the Justice League of America and a vital  and reliable part of the DC universe of the Silver Age.

Then came O'Neil and Adams.

The story begins when Hal Jordan, a loyal and dutiful servant in the Green Lantern corps comes across what he perceives to be an assault and intervenes sending the perpetrating via power ring to the cops. But he soon learns, thanks to the timely arrival of Green Arrow that the situation might be a bit more complex. The man GL had saved was a notorious slumlord who is working to drive out his tenants to make way for a lucrative development.

The black and white, good and bad universe that Hal Jordan had operated in comes unstuck as he suddenly finds that the choices he has to make are complicated and affect a wide range of people. He pleads his case to his masters, the Guardians of Oa, but they are unsympathetic and order him to attend to his outer space duties. Ultimately he defies them and in partnership with Green Arrow is able to foil the schemes of the miscreant landlord.

Later GL and GA discuss the situation and what they might do to bring greater justice to the world they seek to improve. Take a look below.

Along with a tag along Guardian the duo head out on a cross-country odyssey which will find them discovering much about the American landscape, its people and ultimately themselves.

Unused Draft Cover
Groovy ain't it.

Much more to come.

Rip Off


  1. Great art, and I like the way Adams drew portraits in pencil/charcoal behind Green Arrow on the Epilogue page.

    1. It's difficult for modern fans I guess to apprehend just how mind-boggling the illustrative art of Adams was at the time. He drew like no one else, bringing a realism which was perfect for the times.

      Rip Off


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