Friday, November 14, 2014

Go,Go Thunder!

The fifth volume of classic THUNDER Agents adventures should be available soon, in time for the holidays. I've very much enjoyed reading these vintage stories as IDW has continued the reprints despite the failure o the new material to find a footing. Wally Wood's influence is still evident but his role is beginning to diminish in these stories as the series continues to its inevitable end. This features the first of the THUNDER titles without a Wood-esque cover, but rather a clearly Gil Kane effort (see below).

Here are the issues in this volume.

Rip Off


  1. Kane's art on the Raven story, and the contemporaneous Undersea Agent material (all of which he scripted during a very productive period) was really exciting to me at the time, breaking away from the more restrained DC work he was known for earlier in the decade.

    1. I'd seen a bit of Kane here and there, but it was Captain Marvel which introduced me to his luscious artwork properly. I fell in love with is distinctive style which was at times as kinetic as Kirby's and much more fluid.

      Rip Off


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