Sunday, November 9, 2014

Black Knight In Covers!

The Black Knight has been a mainstay at Marvel for decades now. Originally Sir Percy of Sandia, then later, after Dane Whitman assumed the role, he has appeared in scores of comics, his saga always changing focus as he becomes an Avenger, then is transformed to stone by the Enchantress only to become the impetus for the great Avengers-Defenders Clash, then gets trapped in time during the Crusades, later appearing in British comics getting involved with Captain Britain (more on that later), and even journeys across dimensions to lead Malibu's Ultraforce. Here are some key covers from across the decades featuring the Black Knight.

Rip Off


  1. Great stuff again here Ripster I did love Dane Whitman’s participation in Steve Englehart’s Avengers/Defenders clash. I always thought that was a perfect prologue to that epic storyline – when the (current day) Black Knight seems to have sort of found himself fighting in the Crusades – and he says: “Strange, I’m going to stay.”…and he does…And they leave him in the past at the close of the story. They don’t write em like that anymore…

    1. The Clash was a special storyline at a time when such things were still unusual. Nowadays crossovers are just another day at the office.

      Rip Off


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