Saturday, October 11, 2014

Where Wolf? There Wolf!

Captain Triumph is a neat hero indeed. Eschewing the typical super-suit, he goes into battle wearing a t-shirt, jodphurs and some nifty boots. Nonetheless he looks properly heroic and even more when he's battling something as creepy as a rather large werewolf. Here we have a really dynamic cover by comic book legend Reed Crandall.

Here is a look at the complete story featuring some properly lovely Crandall artwork. 

And here is a Crandall story from many years later, specifically hidden in the back the pages of Creatures on the Loose. This little atmospheric gem almost gets lost in Marvel's bombastic monster reprint mag. But it's a doozy and one of the earliest stories I ever encountered Crandall's great work.

Rip Off


  1. It'd be nice if DC reprinted some more of that beautiful Golden Age Crandall art, especially when he inked himself, which didn't always happen.

    About the same time as that Marvel job, there was a Crandall story in Weird War called "Monsieur Gravedigger". I'd have to check how long he was at Treasure Chest Comics, but these two pieces may have been his last published work.

    1. I first ran across Crandall's work on Flash Gordon, and recognized his style here in this story. He had a quiet but deft touch, and seeing further examples of his work over the years have only increased my admiration for him.

      Rip Off


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