Monday, October 6, 2014

IT Happens!

When you look at it critically it's a wonderful mess. But something about Marvel's IT! The Living Colossus always appealed to me. I loved it. The notion of a giant rocky monster inhabited by the mind and spirit of a crippled genius is just that, inspired.

Sadly this series only lasted a quartet of issues, but IT has been seen here and there since over the years. But we got some powerfully dynamic Dick Ayers artwork along the way and that's always a good thing.

Rip Off


  1. This was a really fun (though brief) series. A neat lead-in to Deathlok as well, after a few too many issues of Ka-Zar. As you mentioned the Dick Ayers art was indeed dynamic. I (still) like the idea of this broken, ex-stuntman transferring his consciousness into the Colossus. A cool gimmick, very well depicted on the cover of Astonishing Tales #21. I remember too, Bob O’Brien having to take steps to protect & hide his unconscious body so the Colossus could then mix it up with the other giant creatures in the book.

    1. There is a unbridled joy in these issues, so full of giant goofy monsters but riddled with fun and adventure. Unapologetic and unabashed entertainment.

      Rip Off


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