Sunday, October 5, 2014

Demonology #2 - Bath Of Fire!

In the second issue of Jack Kirby's The Demon the battle against Morgaine Le Fay continues. The Demon has been recalled to battle her minions.

The story begins as Inspector Stavic and some townspeople go to Castle Branek to investigate the curious activity. They are attacked by Morgaine's creatures.

But the Demon appears and routs them before falling victim to Morgaine and her magic which changes him back to Jason Blood. Meanwhile in Gotham City Harry Matthews and Glenda Mark meet with Randu Singh who uses his E.S.P. abilities to contact Jason who appears to regain consciousness.

He and Stavik enter Merlin's tomb to find that Morgaine has already taken what she came for and has gone to the Walpurgis Forest to perform a spell which will grant her immortality. Stavic and Jason encounter a Gorla, a monster left by Morgaine and thanks to Randu's prompting the Demon Etrigan is again risen from Jason's form. The battle is furious and at the end Morgaine disappears, the success of her spell uncertain.

This story closes the origin adventure of the Demon and establishes a mental or perhaps mystical link between Jason and Randu. Jason has demonstrated little if any control over his powers as the Demon and limited awareness of his connection to Merlin's servant.

Lionel Atwill and Boris Karloff in Son of Frankenstein
Once again Kirby is adept at creating a mystic atmosphere despite his technologically influence art style. Inspector Stavik is the first of many references to classic Universal movies Kirby will employ as the series will continue. Stavik having only one arm seems a clear allusion to the classic Lionel Atwill character "Inspector Krogh" from Son of Frankenstein.

The Demon steps out again in the next issue, another dealing reincarnation.

More to come.

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