Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Demonology #12 - Rebirth Of Evil!

The twelth issue of Jack Kirby's The Demon is the second installment of a trilogy which pays homage to the classic Universal Frankenstein movies.

The action begins with a flashback as the Demon busts into Castle Rakenstein, but this time centuries before where an ancestor of the current Baron Von Rakenstein is engaged in some grotesque experiments of his own.

The Demon burns down the castle and the poor creatures escape giving rise to many wild stories of monstes and such.

Back in the present Jason  Blood is in real danger of decapitation as the 20th century Baron Von Rakenstein (dubbed "Von Evilstein) seeks to use his head to improve his earlier manlike creation. But that "Monster" has other ideas and interrupts the operation, but he is subdued at last.

Meanwhile at a Para-psychology Institute Harry Matthews and Randu Singh are consulting with Alan Hunter about using E.S.P. to find the missing Jason. They are introduced to Janie Welles who Hunter thinks might be able to help. Unknown to them, Welles is already in contact with Von Evilstein "Monster".

Von Evilstein and his aide Igor are about to cut off Jason Blood's head and use it to improve the "Monster". But Jason is able to get a grip on the Philosopher's Stone and that changes him into the Demon again.

As the Demon he is able to free himself and free the "Monster" as well. Von Evilstein and Igor try once again to use the Electric Lash but the "Monster" flees through the wall and the Demon takes the brunt of the burst.
The "Monster" crashes into the streets of Gotham City and almost immediately creates a near riot as people flee. At that moment Welles realizes she has made contact with a "Monster".

The second chapter moves the plot a little, and is full of furious Kirby action, but it does feel a little skimpy. Nonetheless this story feels better as a trilogy and the finale is just around the corner.

More to come.

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