Friday, June 27, 2014

Legendary Phantom!

The only reason I'd for a moment think to pick up a copy of Dynamite's downright weird crossover series Legendary is the presence of Lee Falk's The Phantom. But based on the alternate cover above for the fourth issue, it's pretty clear "The Ghost Who Walks" is not particularly well served in this alternate-universe, steampunk-flavored opus.

The Phantom doesn't look his self-assured self in this image, rather he appears to be some bumpkin dressed up to look like Falk's vintage action hero. Between you and me, the defender of Bengalla don't do cosplay.

Rip Off


  1. Thanks for the warning Rip. I’ll be passing…Speaking of The Phantom though, I just lucked into a nice copy of The Phantom #56 (Charlton) at the local Half Price Books (Apple Valley MN)…There is a small tear in the cover but I am otherwise delighted with the sweet Pat Boyette cover & interior pages…

    1. I have a special fondness for that issue. It was one of those I bought off the stands myself when it came out. Many of those issues I've filled in over the years, but that one I've had all along.

      Rip Off


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