Saturday, October 12, 2013

Heaps Of Fun And Horror!

This is a simply delightful image of the vintage comic book monster The Heap by the great Frank Brunner. The truly offbeat nature of this longtime obscure Hillman character is lovingly rendered in this infinity cover. I wish I had the sheckels to bring this one home.

Likewise this first volume from PS ArtBooks featuring artwork by Mike Ploog, an artist also connected to vintage swamp art with his contributions to Man-Thing for Marvel.

If you'd like to check out some Heap stories, then go here and spend a few delightful minutes.

The swamp monsters were all the rage in the early 70's as evidenced by the nigh simultaneous creation of Swamp Thing and Man-Thing, but also by this revival (if in pretty much name only) of the Heap character in the second issue of Skywald's Psycho magazine.  To read the story stop by here.

The character even rated a single issue of his own comics from the short-lived publisher. This cover by Tom Sutton and Jack Abel is vintage Bronze Age. For more see this Progressive Ruin link at one of the most thoroughly and entertainly mucky sites on the net.

Rip Off


  1. Never heard of The Heap before! Looks suitably creepy!

    1. Glad to be the one to introduce the character. He's the same yet different.

      Rip Off


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