Monday, September 9, 2013

Dynamite Doc!

Good news I guess for Doc Savage fans like me. Doc and his sidekicks will be once again gracing a comic book as they have done many times before for Street and Smith, Gold Key, Marvel, DC, Millennium, and Dark Horse. The publisher this time out alas is Dynamite. I'm a little skeptical given Dynamite's treatment of other classic heroes over the past several years, but I will remain optimistic that this Doc will look and feel like the classic all-purpose hero created so many decades ago by Lester Dent. Here is an interview with the writer for this new comics series headed our way this winter.

Rip Off


  1. 1) Alex Ross and Doc Savage are like chocolate and peanut butter -- two good things that go great together.

    2) I'm hesitant over the whole "taking Doc into the modern age" ploy. DC Comics tried this twice (in the 1980s series and the 2000s series), and it didn't work then. I'm willing to give the new series a try, but history is not on Dynamite's side with this.

    1. I agree with your assessment of Ross and Doc. Even if I hate everything else about the Dynamite project, I know the covers will look awesome.

      Just read "The Silver Pyramid" (review here tomorrow) and I"m like you, a bit weary of the notion they have to make Doc relevant to the modern world. No one feels the need to do that with the Lone Ranger or the Three Musketeers, but they somehow think Doc's 30's setting is too remote for modern readers.


      Rip Off


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