Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Conan Meets Groo-some!

It seems like I've been hearing about this totally awesome team-up since forever! For Robert E. Howard's conquering Cimmerian to finally confront the one-and-only wandering Groo might well be the event which breaks the internet for all time. Or not.

Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragones created a classic when they decided to mock the motifs of sword and sorcery with the cheese dip loving Groo. I first met Groo in the pages of the fund-raising Destroyer Duck, but soon enough Groo seemed to be everywhere (Pacific, Eclipse, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse). And unlike most of the other heady creations of the earliest days of the 80's direct sales boom the Groo abides.

I guess it is Sergio's health which has kept this classic confrontation from the stands most recently. But hopefully an up-and-ready Aragones is fit for duty and has all but finished this epic for the ages. His raucous, kinetic creations blended with the stylish and atmospheric line work of Tom Yeates (of Prince Valiant fame) make for a sweet sweet comics page. See some lip-smacking samples below.

The latest I can discover on this Cross Plains-Castellon crossover is found here at Mark Evanier's site. Hopefully this comic will be gracing the stands sooner than later. I hanker to see the utter and full-blooded madness which must ensue when the unstoppable force which is Conan encounters the immovable stupidity which is Groo.

It should be totally awesome dudes!

Cheese dip for all!

Rip Off

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