Monday, August 12, 2013

The Omnibi Of Kirby!

Above is an enticing image of the The Jack Kirby Omnibus Volume Two which features a gaggle of Kirby's sundry works for DC Comics in the waning years of his career there. Here are the one-shots Atlas, Dingbats of Danger Street, Manhunter, as well as his weird toy tie-in limited series The Super Powers. There are some real gems here, but a lot of this is for the Kirby completist only. Sadly for my pocketbook, I've sorta become of those delightfully miserable creatures, so this book will have to get on my wish list soon. It will eventually take it's place alongside the myriad omnibus volumes I've slowly but steadily collected over the years for "The King's" DC work, at this point a handsome set of books filled with some of the most vibrant material ever to grace a comic book page. Beauty!

I'll throw these two in for good measure too because I just like looking at them.

And maybe someday I can add these Golden Age gems.

Rip Off

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