Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ads Of Atlas!

I first encountered (to my knowledge) the artwork of Ernie Colon in the pages of Atlas-Seaboard. His artistry on The Grim Ghost is most memorable. But it seems Colon was a go-to artist for the upstart publisher as these ad images demonstrate. The beautiful black and white image above appeared only in the black and white magazines that Atlas-Seaboard published, part of a two-page spread with the artwork below show in brilliant color. The characters featured in this downright graceful ad are Colon's own Grim Ghost, Sgt.Stryker, Tarantula, Destructor, Brute, Lomax, Scorpion, and Tiger-Man (another Colon book).

This iconic color ad showed up in a host of comics from the publisher.  The characters featured here are Wulf, Kid Cody, Comanche Kid, Morlock, Devilina, Ironjaw, Phoenix, and Captain Galland of Planet of Vampires  fame.

This half-page ad features the black and white magazines Atlas put out.

All of Colon's art for Atlas-Seaboard had a verve which jolted the attention. His faces beamed and his poses bristled with movement. Great stuff!

Rip Off

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