Sunday, August 11, 2013

Crime In Space!

It's been a most Kirby-centric week at the Dojo. Earlier this week I picked up the latest Jack Kirby Collector from Twomorrows and the wonderful reprint of In the Days of the Mob from DC. I also found Volume One of The Jack Kirby Omnibus from DC which offers up a gaggle of reprints of his 50's DC work such as Green Arrow and a host of sci-fi comic stories.

But the week ended on a very high note as two volumes from Titan's Simon and Kirby Library arrived. I've previously picked up the volume dubbed Superheroes, but hadn't yet gotten around to getting hold of the equally fine volumes on Crime and Science Fiction.

Both are bright colorful tomes with a mountain of comics material. Simon and Kirby are arguably at their most authentic in stories about thugs and street-level criminals so the consistency in that volume is remarkable. The Science Fiction volume offers up some of the earliest Simon and Kirby work extant reaching back to the very earliest days of the Golden Age alongside plenty of Atom Age stuff. There are also stories included by other artists such as Al Williamson, Reed Crandall and Wally Wood.

Now I'm most eager to get hold of the upcoming volume titled Horror! showcasing work from the pages of such books as Black Magic. Should be very sweet indeed.

Rip Off

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