Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back In A Flash!

Well I've done it again. I bought the simply outstanding Flash Gordon serials from the 30's and 40's again. It seems I've been buying these over and over again since the earliest days of VHS. One of the first VHS tapes I ever picked up for my very own was a knock-off of 1940's Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe. That soon was followed by the feature version of the 1936 original serial re-titled Rocketship. It would be a few years before I got to see 1938's  Flash Gordon Goes to Mars, but I found them in a very handsome boxed set. Then later DVDs appeared and I had to buy them again.

And now I find those same DVDs repackaged in this handsome "Collectible Video-Book" which offers up the complete trilogy along with a rather neat booklet detailing the history and content of the strip and the influence of Alex Raymond. Raymond art graces this booklet which might well be worth the sawbuck price of this package all on its own.

So if you're looking for a neat way to spend about seven hundred and fifty minutes, check out this classic series. This is a nifty and cheap way to own them all.

Rip Off


  1. Do the episodes on these DVDs have the "Space Soliders" openings used for the tv prints or the original openings?

    BTW, this is a set from a group called "Entertainment One" who handle foreign distribution of American material including Walking Dead and American distribution of foreign material.
    The set is probably Canadian

    1. They do not have the "Space Soliders" openings. They were original as far as I could tell.

      Rip Off


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