Monday, March 4, 2013

Out Of The Holocaust...A Hue!

Roy Thomas explains in his essay in the Captain Marvel Masterworks how he was responsible for a few key elements of Captain Mar-Vell's costume design. Roy says he suggested the good Captain wear a ringed planet design on his chest, an idea he's still proud of. But less proud is he that his suggestion of  the distinctive green and white color combination won the day. I like it, but Roy seems to think it an error in judgment.

So to did the folks at Yaffa Publishing Group in Australia, because on this reprinted Gene Colan cover they sure don't cleave very close to the original in terms of hues. The Kree Captain goes from a low-key green and white to a much more vivaciouis purple and red. Most likely the folks down under didn't get any proper color keys to the character as they color him correctly in later publications.

The same thing happened with this early Avengers cover which reprinted Jack Kirby's dynamic face off between the Assemblers and the Space Phantom.

Giant-Man's had some different costumes over the decades, but nothing quite this ugly, I don't think. The editors get the others characters mostly correct, though they seem more than a bit confused by Iron Man and the pseudo-Hulk, but they don't seem to have ever seen a full-color Hank Pym.


Rip Off


  1. If you like that wait until Henry starts coloring. :)

    1. You would think with all the color combinations Hank has had over the decades, they would stumble across one of them. But not to be alas. White shorts! Yuck!

      Rip Off


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