Saturday, February 9, 2013

Heróis De Ação!

Escaravelho Azul translates (as far as I can tell) to "Blue Beetle". That's the title of this Portuguese series of what seem to be mostly Charlton Comics reprints alongside a healthy dose of Tower Comics. I've capture and presented here those covers which feature Charlton's "Action Heroes" (or "Herois de Acao" is you will).

Peacemaker who is showcased in the debut issue is apparently dubbed "Capitao Paz" or  "Captain Peace" in Portugal. Oddly, Blue Beetle seems to be called "Escaravelho Negro" or  "Black Beetle" in a title bearing his actual name. Captain Atom escapes relatively unscathed as "Capitao Atomo". Judomaster becomes "Judox" and I have no idea really what that means. Thunderbolt is not in evidence.

Enjoy this small gallery of overseas 60's wonders. For more issues of Escaravelho Azul, check out this link

 It's neat to see this classic artwork in a fresh setting.

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