Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Charlton Choppers!

Charlton Comics is a company with a long and often storied history. During that time they often featured motorcycles on many of their comics. Not unlike Captain America who inspired him, Judomaster sometimes rode a motorcycle to battle America's World War II enemies.

Charlton had a gaggle of comics focused on motor sports, and sometimes motorbikes got the spotlight.

Even the straightforward war comics had a bike now and again.

Motorcycles show up on more than a few of Charlton's many romance comics. Johnnie Love rode a bike and is often seen on it. Young love and horsepower were often associated.

Even the licensed characters get into the act, whether it be Lee Falk's The Phantom in the desert.

Or it's Mort Walker's Beetle Bailey rolling out and through Sarge Snorkel. 

There was even the short-lived series co-starring "The Chopper Bunch", though they had to share the spotlight with a Volkswagen.

Charlton even had a few series which featured motorcycles as a regular thing. Surf 'n Wheels explored the worlds of surfing and biking. Here is a cover gallery.

The World of Wheels was all about motorcycles. Here is a look at some other great covers. 

And while it's not technically a motorcycle on this cover, you know that Bud Blake's Tiger is sharing that vibe, living on the edge as it were.

Rip Off

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