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Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia

Rich Buckler and Frank Giacoia

I love immortal characters. I find the idea of a man or woman who has lived across centuries fascinating. Whether a baddie like Vandal Savage or a hero like Moro Frost, the notion is compelling and adds instant gravitas to anything you might have them do. The character is immediately freighted with understanding which defies the limits of humanity. It's that perspective which fascinates. Here's a groovy link to his debut story by his creator John Warner and Mike Vosburg.

The second story in the first issue featured a rare Marvel art job by Pat Boyette. Sonny Trinidad handled the artwork for the follow-up issue.

Ulysses Bloodstone is an immortal character who deserved a bigger stage than he got. Debuting in debut issue of Marvel Presents, one of Marvel's many try-out comics of the Bronze Age, the character was originally scheduled to run in the latter issues of Where Monsters Dwell, Marvel's then long-running reprint magazine which focused on vintage Atlas monster epics. I wish that had worked out as it adds to the patina of the character even more.

Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko

Bloodstone is a prehistoric warrior made immortal when a ruby gem imbeds itself in his chest and enables him to confront an ancient alien menace which makes use of giant monsters to wage war on mankind. A rather awesome premise which alas was given only two issues of Marvel Presents to unwind.

The series did find a home in (of all places) the back of The Rampaging Hulk magazine where the story of Bloodstone ran its course. It featured some dandy artwork by a host of talents, not least of which were John Buscema and Rudy Nebres as seen above.

Marshall Rogers

There have been other  Bloodstone sightings over the years, even a daughter of sorts. The oddest was his appearance (of sorts...that's him in the box) in the pages of Captain America during "The Bloodstone Hunt".

Kieron Dwyer

My favorite was his work with his fellow Monster Hunters in some incredibly entertaining issues of the much too brief comic Marvel Universe.

Diverse Hands

Mike Manley

Bruce Timm

Mike Manley

Bloodstone is a character who deserved more. And being immortal after all, might yet get it.

Rip Off

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