Friday, June 17, 2011

The Wolfman Cometh!

I finally got around to seeing the "new" Wolfman movie from Universal. I'll confess I was pretty cool to this project when it was first announced, because I weary of Anthony Hopkins (as good as he can be) and Benicio Del Toro can be out and out dead weight in a movie.

I liked it better than I expected. That said, it's still not a very scary movie. In fact I remember the trailers and they were scarier than the actual film. Why it's not scary is hard to pin down, but frankly there seem to be few real shocks in the flick, few gotcha moments that make you shiver.

What we have is a pretty standard monster flick. A man is drawn to his old home by the death of his brother and falls in love with his brother's fiance. The dad of this clan is a cold bastard who has disdain for men in general. A monster is loose in the area and the obligatory gypsies are blamed. A London detective shows up to solve the matter of the many murders. Our hero gets bit and the action starts to roll.

This movie had a pretty good look about it. The werewolf design was adequate, though very muscular. There are some beautiful scenes in this movie, in particular one sequence where the hero is forced to walk across the English countryside. There are some clever comparisons of lycanthropy to insanity. The leading lady is lovely.

But alas the movie is almost never scary.

It's a decent enough movie for fans of monster movies, but offers up little else.

Rip Off

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