Friday, June 3, 2011

Turok - A Legend Is Born!

This animated DVD adventure starring Gold Key's classic Native American badass was much better than I expected. The animation had the same sort of look as most modern animation, pretty slick, but sometimes lacking the heart and feeling of classic cartoons.

This one has some of that problem. But the story is a humdinger. Turok's classic storyline is changed quite a bit, as he's changed into a seriously intent young man who finds himself overcome by a murderous rage when he and his people are threatened by outsiders. His anger and the consequences of that anger are so powerful that he is exiled from his people until a day comes many years later when the threat returns and he is needed. He's not happy about it, but answers the call eventually and ends up with Andar, his nephew, following the woman he loves into a "Lost Land" filled with the predictable dinosaurs.

The action is pretty neat. I liked the movie quite a bit, regardless of the changes it made to the basic story.

But I didn't like it well enough to pop for the Dark Horse adaptation of the Tony Bedard story when it appeared in a digest-like format using animation captures as artwork. It seemed a bit sterile. I did eventually pick one up a few weeks ago, it's been nearly two years since I've seen the movie, and I have to admit it works well as a record of the movie. But I'd have to say, if I had not already been familiar with the animated version, this might not make complete sense to me.

All in all I cannot recommend the digest, but I do heartily recommend the original cartoon. If you're a Turok fan like me, you likely already have it. But if for some reason you don't I'd say you need to check it out.

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