Wednesday, June 1, 2011

School's Out Charlie Brown!

I closed up at my school yesterday for the summer. It's been at once an easy and a gritty year. Personally I had a pretty easy slide this past year with pretty easy preps and reasonable students (after some conditioning), but as a profession overall teaching has taken some hits and lost some gloss.

Only a few years ago it seems teachers were considered "heroes" (not true of course) but now because of the desire to break all unions and public unions in particular teachers are presented to the public as "parasites" who are a drain on the public good (not true either).

It's good to have a summer, something I don't usually take but since there are such limited funds, summer schools are very restricted. My beloved spouse has a raft of projects for me, not least of which is cleaning out the garage and setting up a yard sale. I also plan to dig through the collection and find some more stuff fit for trade. I've got some great books to read too.

Summer will go by all too swiftly, and soon enough school will be back in. Sigh. I wonder how the profession will be seen by then.

Rip Off

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