Monday, June 6, 2011

Nature Boy!

John Buscema

Though they are mostly known as a genre publisher, Charlton Comics dabbled in superheroes off and on over the decades. The Action Heroes of the 60's under editor Dick Giordano are the most famous, but in the 50's the company also had some super types. One of those was Nature Boy the Master of Rain, Wind and Fire who debuted in 1956, one year before yours truly!

Rocke Mastroserio

Dick Giordano & Vince Alascia

Nature Boy had a three issue run (issues #3 through #5) following on after a couple of issues of Danny Blaze Firefighter.

The title was changed again to Li'l Rascal Twins with issue #6 and ran for thirteen more issues.

Nature Boy was created by Jerry Seigel and drawn in the first issue by John Buscema. There are echoes of Captain Marvel in the origin story, but despite that similarity or perhaps because of it and the strength of Buscema's artwork, the debut story a good read. Rocke Mastroserio would do the artwork on many subsequent stories, but it's all Buscema in the debut issue.

Here's Nature Boy's origin story from issue #3.

Rip Off

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