Tuesday, September 29, 2009

They Saved Hitler's Brain!

They saved his head actually.

I watched a stupid, but fun flick yesterday afternoon -- The Madmen of Mandoras. This 1963 drive-in movie puts forth the speculation of what might happen if somehow Hitler's head had survived WWII and was in the keeping of Nazis who still planned to take over the world. This cheapjack movie ain't the definitive answer I'm sure, but it offers up some diverting moments, along with some of the most effective use of stock footage I've ever seen.

There's another version of the movie released to TV called They Saved Hitler's Brain with some ludicrous additional footage shot in the 70's to make it longer. So if you have the chance see the original, it's a tad more coherent, but the other one is fun too in a stupid stupid way.

I've seen a few movies recently about decapitated heads. There's this one, and a wacked German import named simply The Head. That one proved to actually have some atmosphere. More later perhaps.

Rip Off

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