Friday, October 13, 2017

Monsters Of The King - Zzutak!

Zzutak from the pages of  Strange Tales #88 is one of my favorite of the old Atlas monsters by Kirby and company ever since I read it for the first time in the pages of Fear #3. The inking on this story by Steve Ditko doesn't hurt to give some additional atmosphere to a story about an artist contracted by an Aztec priest to come to Mexico and paint bizarre figures one of which is Zzutak. Zzutak is intended to be the first of many monsters the priest will use to exact revenger for the Aztecs upon the modern world. As he creates a second monster the artist imbues it with a desire to battle against Zzutak and the two monsters have it out in a great finale.

More Kirby monsters shamble forth tomorrow.

Rip Off


  1. Poor Zzutak has a history of not being rendered correctly on the numerous covers he's appeared on!
    See what I mean here...



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