Saturday, October 7, 2017

Monsters Of The King - Gorgolla!

Gorgolla the Living Gargoyle reveals himself and the plot of his alien Stonian brethren spread around the globe hiding in plain sight as seemingly mere statues. The Gargoyles answer Gorgolla's signal to attack humanity after centuries of watching an waiting but having grown empathetic with mankind they turn on their giant leader.  All this is revealed in Strange Tales #74.

But the Gargoyles return to menace mankind again in the Marvel Age of Comics, rising from their sleep to confront the Colossus, redubbed It! in Astonishing Tales. This time they are led by Granitor, the father of Gorgolla.

Another classic Kirby creature rears his monsterous noggin tomorrow!

Rip Off


  1. Another great series of posts! Kirby was a master of imaginative monsters no matter how outlandish the name!

    1. These are fun glimpses of the wacked creativity the King could employ. Kirby creatures are distinctive, that's for certain.

      Rip Off


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