Thursday, August 10, 2017

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Movie!

I was in no hurry to see the latest Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man Homecoming looked perfectly okay in the previews, but there was nothing about it that demanded I see it now, or even in the theater. In fact, the appearance of Iron Man was a tag against it as I'm starting to get some Robert Downey Jr. fatigue. And to be honest the new kid they cast as Spidey didn't really communicate the essential nerd that I've always associated with the role.

But I did have chance to see it a few weeks ago when I was visiting my daughters and we needed a movie we could all agree on. Spider-Man Homecoming seemed to be the most attractive of that narrow choice. And I have to say, with only a few reservations, I loved it. I still thought there was too much Tony Stark and hence too much Downey Jr. but it didn't hurt the overall production.

The new guy is okay in the role and while the high-tech Spidey suit isn't one I'm familiar with it worked out and supplied some good humor to the whole affair. The new kids are fine and I want to applaud the creators for making the cast so ethnically diverse and so believably young.

But what really made the movie for me was the Vulture. I'm a Vulture fan, always liked that villain and have been waiting forever to see him get his due on the big screen.  We've had Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Lizard, and Electro so it was time. And not only do we get the Vulture, we got one of my other favorites -- the Shocker.  Both were nicely realized and I have to say that the motivations were fantastic. No world beating, just plain theft and thievery for understandable reasons. That's what made old-fashioned comic book stories. You don't need Thanos and world domination every damn time. Sometimes you just need a little criminal activity to make the whole shebang go.

Me and mine were very entertained. Good movie.

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