Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Day In The Anti-Life - Troll King!

Trolls of myth are ugly critters than live in the dark and make havoc for civilized folk. Likewise on these here internets, we find ugly critters who adore making life a misery for honest people. And it's a sad fact that our "So-called" President is one of these critters, he might even be their king.

This modern Troll King lives in a shadowy world of international finance and it becomes more and evident with each passing day that the dangerous denizens of those shadows have influence on the machinery of our democracy. If not directly, then indirectly by the daily denigration of communication and governing norms which have for many decades served to create the stability citizens of the United States and the greater western world have taken for granted for over fifty years, my entire life.

I have been gifted with a life free of the rigors of true chaos which was the norm for the world's population before the current hiatus of order which has been maintained by the old rules. There have been winners and losers for damn certain and those who feel left out are to some extent finding ways to act out and strike at the heart of the order they object to. Some do so out of ignorance of the true nature of society, some do so with full cognizance of the chaos they will unleash and the power they hope to gather unto themselves when the old order falls.

But these are important times and it is dangerous indeed for anyone to attempt to undermine the very pillar of a free society in the vain attempt to maintain momentary momentum. The brash self-importance it requires to sacrifice all news media in a lackluster attempt to "win" a single news cycle is short-sighted to such an extent that it seems tragically childlike.

I work with folks who often require reminders to behave in an adult-like fashion. Being childish is seen as a weakness in adults, emotions like peevishness and sulking are seen as weaknesses and should be avoided. Churlish insults are not part of the social fabric, at least not any part of one most folks want to participate in.

These are dangerous times. The election process is challenged by the guy who "won" because his fragile ego is bruised that he gained only an Electoral College victory, and so all of us must face an identity check to make sure we're sufficient American citizens. The rule of law is questioned and challenged by a "so-called" President who demonstrates guilty knowledge with almost ever utterance. The fourth estate is in danger of being dragged down by the "leader" of our country because they don't kowtow to his meager efforts to be "Presidential", even if you slap a pointless adjective like "modern" in front of that phrase. These are indeed dangerous times; trolls are dangerous folk.

Rip Off


  1. I love the treasury edition reprint. It's really nice getting the art that size. And that story is a classic!

    1. Kirby's stuff was up to the tabloid treatment. The "King" was no troll!

      Rip Off


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