Friday, June 16, 2017

100 Days Of The King - Day 27

The brouhaha over the NYC Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar makes these designs by Jack "King" Kirby quite timely. He produced these and many or in 1969 for another production of the play, one of the countless productions of Shakespeare's great drama over the centuries. The outcry over this most recent production because it is claimed to be less than completely respectful to our current President is the height of absurdity. The outrage machines on the political Right are always on the lookout for pretend offenses which will allow them to gin up their followers with bristling anger. In this case they miss the mark and miss the point The killing of even a sham Trump reveals, as does Shakespeare's great play that such short-sighted political violence is fruitless. But the Right never misses a chance to miss the forest to stare blankly at the nearest tree.

Rip Off

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