Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Art Of Young Love!

The Grand Comic Book Database says that this issue of Young Love cover is by Jack Kirby and longtime partner Joe Simon. The seventy-second issue of Young Love is dated October-November 1956 and came at the end of the duo's relatively long association with the romance comics genre they'd mostly invented with Young Romance some years before. Crestwood launched Young Love to capitalize on that success and it would last a few more issues in this form.

I was struck though by the subtle trick in this cover in which the painting of the model seems to be reflecting the inner dismay the actual model seems all too intent on keeping under wraps as another girl lays a kiss on her resident artist.

And ironically enough on this other seventy-second issue of Young Love from 1969 (I'll get to that in a moment) we have a dandy Dick Giordano illustration in which a similar dichotomy appears between a painting and a model.

I was most confused by this numbering since I'd assumed DC got the title from Crestwood, but a little research answered my query. Crestwood also published All for Love which ran for seventeen issues under that title before being switched for Young Love, available after the original run had ceased a few years before. The series ran a few more issues and then was sold to DC who continued it until it landed on a second remarkable seventy-second issue.

Sigh. The numbering of comics is a mystery wrapped in an enigma for sure.

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