Saturday, December 12, 2015

Power Of Warlock - The Cocoon!

Toward the end of his properly famous stint at Marvel as the architect of most of the mythology Jack Kirby became disenchanted with the business model which was limiting his ability to gain profit from his creations. As just an employee, he felt it was not in his best interests to continually add new creations to the Marvel Universe which he mostly populated for nearly a decade. So he stopped.

One of his final creations was "Him" the golden being who emerges from a giant cocoon in the Citadel of Science, the "Beehive" of the title, a hidden retreat run by a cabal of four rogue scientists called "The Enclave" who have combined their talents to become masters of the world. Their creation, a glowing creature who they cannot even see scares them, and so they use their teleportation technology to get hold of blind sculpter Alicia Masters who they hope will be able to give them a sense of what their new being looks like. That she might well die in the attempt is meaningless to most of the four men. Meanwhile the Fantastic Four search for the missing Alicia.

When Alicia confronts the new being he emerges from a great cocoon and uses his vast power to destroy his makers, realizing their evil intentions. The power of "Him" is robust and soon the Beehive is roiling and the scientists seek to escape.

Some prove more courageous than others, but all of them seemingly die as Him emerges in the final page and reveals himself to be a beautiful golden man brimming with power. As the Fantastic Four escape, Him brings down the Citadel and flies into space to find peace.

But his peace will be short-lived. More tomorrow.

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