Sunday, November 8, 2015


I stumbled across the horror movie Wolves without any prior information about it. I'd missed whatever promotional material there was and so aside from realizing I was watching a werewolf movie (which I mostly like) I was without an preconceptions. My final analysis is that it could have been better.

I guess this movie is an attempt to do for werewolves what the wretched Twilight Saga did for vampires, create a mythology and back story for two young lovers to spoon against and make it all cool for school. This movie though had a more interesting and slightly more brutal setting and was frothing with some dandy character actors.

The two young lovers Cayden and Angel (Lucas Till and Merrit Patterson) are mostly a loss -- pretty, dreary, young and mopey. But Connor Slaughter, a brutal murderous werewolf clan leader played by Jason Momoa is terrific.

Equally fascinating are John Tollerman (Stephen McHattie) and Wild Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson). The latter is an actor who is showing up in a lot of stuff I like, and worth closer attention. These vibrant character performances save what could well become a bland romance, making Wolves much better than its motivations suggest it should be.

It's not a great werewolf movie, but it is a movie with some great werewolves in it. It's worth a look, if not a recommendation.

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