Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cannot Put The Hammer Down!

Hammer Films - The Unsung Heroes by Wayne Kinsey is a delightfully detailed book brimming to overflowing with information, minutiae, trivia, technical details, and scuds of behind-the-scenes images of the wide array of talented folks who worked together to give birth to some of the most memorable movies of the last half of the last century.

I found this tome at my new favorite bookstore Half-Price Books for a fraction of its cover value, too good a deal to pass up despite the fact I am up to my eyelids in books in a house which might explode if I try to bring in too many more. But some days you just have to act, this was one.

I keep in the car now, the ideal book to pass a few unstructured minutes here and there along the way. There is little narrative to interrupt and the factoids are almost always sufficiently distracting. Good deal!

Rip Off

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