Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Legend Of Bigfoot!

The Legend of Bigfoot from 1976 is an exceedingly oddball film. Produced by its "star" Ivan Marx who narrates the movie, it turns out he also filmed almost all of it. This purports to be a documentary, but appears to be an elaborately developed hoax.

Marx and his wife Peggy appear in the movie themselves as they wander the countryside in their VW Bug in search of evidence of "Bigfoot". (Mostly Peggy stays at home at the ranch though.) The tale is related in flashback form as we begin with an introduction by Marx himself about how his attitude toward  Bigfoot has changed over the course of the previous decade.

Marx claims to make his living as a hunter and tracker and is called in to hunt bears, wolves and whatnot all over the country. In the course of that he keeps finding rumors of Bigfoot until he himself is convinced of the existence of the creature and begins a dogged search for evidence.

Eventually he sees Bigfoot several times, as do we though always from a vast distance in which the creature looks remarkably human in both its appearance and character.

This movie has some charm, a sort of practiced naivety which makes the search for Bigfoot something all the viewers can join into. We traverse the dunes, mountains, meadows, and woods alongside Marx, always seemingly wearing the same checked flannel shirt, as he rambles around, always with his warm and  friendly voice along for the ride.

The movie succeeds mightily in showcasing some outstanding images of the natural world as it seeks to pick out distant images of Bigfoot in landscape.

I don't believe this movie for a moment, but I do find it weirdly fascinating and I recommend it to any Bigfoot enthusiast. Others might not be so interested.

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