Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tarzan - The Complete Russ Manning!

I was delighted find on my door a few days ago the fourth and final volume in the Tarzan - The Complete Russ Manning Newspaper Strips. I've been enjoying the sheer spectacle of these as they have drifted in over the last few years.

Now with Dark Horse collection of Russ Manning's defining comic book work in hand too, I can fully enjoy one of Tarzan's greatest delineators in all his glory. (Only a few overseas graphic novels remain un-reprinted at this time to my knowledge.) Manning's Tarzan was sleek and modern and exceedingly handsome, the ideal of manhood. Tarzan must always be redefined for the times, but during the 60's and 70's this was the essence of the great Edgar Rice Burroughs hero.

Rip Off

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