Saturday, February 14, 2015

Crush On You!

I was really struck the way in which the over-sized logo at once conforms and seems to lay down on our two beach lovers on the cover of this K.G. Murray 1982 reprint.

The art is taken from this 1975 issue of My Only Love and is credited with some question to Jack Abel. That seems right to me given the inking of the hair on both.

The logo itself debuted on this 1975 issue of I Love You which sported a racy cover by Art Cappello, though in its original incarnation it never got so big. It lasted only a few issues before being replaced. I assume the problem was the individual words are hard to see at a distance though the logo design itself is pretty sleek. That might also explain why the folks at Murray felt the need to maximize it.

Valentine's Day Charlton Cover Medley Part One. 

Rip Off

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