Monday, January 26, 2015

Popeye's Ocean Crossings!

Among the most unusual comics I have buried around here somewhere the Popeye Specials from Ocean Comics. These comics showcase stories by Ron Fortier which put out a rather detailed back story and origin for the famous Sailor Man. Drawn by Ben Dunn and Bill Pearson the first issue shows us Popeye as a child. Check this out for a glimpse.

The following year in 1988 another issue drops with Fortier and Dunn still aboard, but with Dell Barras and  Tom Grummett joining in on the art chores. This issue takes Popeye and Bluto to the land down under, Australia.

A full decade passes, but in 1999 another special issue appears this time written by Peter David with a cover by Tom Grummett and interior art by Dave Garcia and Sam De La Rosa. As you can tell by the title, at long last Popeye and Olive tie the knot, though with enough action for all Popeye fans. Here the writer reflects on the project.

Three very unusual and oddly interesting comics. 

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    1. They are fun and not very expensive I don't believe.

      Rip Off


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