Sunday, January 11, 2015

OMAC #4 - The Multi-Killer!

OMAC Volume 1 #4 is dated April, 1975. Written and drawn by Jack Kirby and inked by D. Bruce Berry, this is the second of a two-part tale which pits the One-Man Army Corp against the criminal Kirovan Kafa.

Defeating Kafka's army, OMAC is trying to stop his tank and asks Brother Eye for help.

Brother Eye, an orbiting satellite sends more power to OMAC and he is able to finally defeat the criminal leader.

Taking his captive to the Global Peace Agency's headquarters atop the Himalayas, Kafka is processed for trial, but seems supremely confident he will not face justice. Then a huge creature is detected heading for the secret location and OMAC goes out to face it.

The Multi-Killer is a genetically altered creature with attributes of living and nonliving things and its primary function seems to be to destroy the GPA outpost. It poses a supreme threat to OMAC but he is finally at last able to defeat it by tearing off one of its horns used for directional guidance. The creature veers into space where it explodes with relative lack of danger.

OMAC seems to be a series which is finding its way, with OMAC acquiring something of a background cast in this story and a villain in Kafka who I'm sure would've been back had the series run longer.

Kirby's storytelling is direct and full of action. OMAC lacks the thematic depth of some of his earlier work, at least in the the  form of OMAC who seems oddly bereft of retrospection. 

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