Saturday, January 10, 2015

OMAC #3 - Kafkaesque!

OMAC Volume 1 #3 written and drawn by Jack Kirby is dated February, 1975. The comic was inked by D. Bruce Berry.

The tale begins with OMAC (One-Man Army Corp) enjoying a one-man movie.

He is transported into the cinematic experience in a way which makes it come to life.

Then he gets a new family thanks to the GPA (Global Peace Agency) who have arranged for two older folks to move in as OMAC's "parents". They have lost a son and are seeking a replacement. In a futuristic variation of computer dating the trio is brought together for the benefit of all. OMAC seems quite satisfied with the arrangement when he's called away on a mission.

That mission takes him half way across the world in a one-man rocket to capture Kirovan Kafka, and defeat his mercenary army.

OMAC arrives on the scene and using the technology supplied by the GPA and his own might he defeats the army. Then he confronts Kafka who is inside a massive tank. As the story ends OMAC is trying mightily to stop the tank from running him over.

The one-man movie in this one is really a special bit of prediction by Kirby. I was immediately put in mind of the modern video games which place the viewer inside the adventure.

As for Kafka, the name is a bit too on the nose, but clearly Kirby is making comment about the world in which OMAC lives. Oddly the subtle and manipulative GPA seems more Kafkaesque though than the more straightfoward but certainly brutal enemy OMAC is sent to capture.

More to come tomorrow.

Rip Off


  1. Freaky and cool double-page splash.

    1. I get the sense that if OMAC had run longer, we'd have had more stories about how technology involved itself with the mind.

      Rip Off


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