Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Godzilla Gone Wildey!

Several weeks ago I ordered the dvd of the new Godzilla movie from Amazon. At the same time, I broke down and finally got the first two volumes of the Godzilla animated series from the late 70's.

The series is one I remember being above average (despite the annoying presence of Godzooky, the small Godzilla-like comedy relief all cartoon shows of the era seemed to be saddled with). The fact that Doug Wildey was the maestro behind the designs attracted me, as it would any true-blue Jonny Quest fan.

But I was only able to afford the first two volumes, both priced very reasonably. The third volume alas was totally out of reach, with Amazon listing a new one starting at over three hundred and fifty bucks, a boggling and enormous sum for five cartoons of any vintage.

Needless to say I took my lumps and got the first two, figuring I'd allow the Great Godzilla's will to handle the rest.

The Great Godzilla has spoken.

A few days ago, while doing some shopping at the local Dollar Store for my wife (she needed a few holiday containers for some special tea mixture she cobbles together) I saw a display of movies. I always try to give these a glance since you never know what you'll find. This time I found volume three of the Godzilla cartoon show for a whopping four bucks. Needless to say I snapped it up gleefully.

Now with the first full season in hand I can sit down and absorb a cartoon which promises some real pleasures from a time which is sadly farther away than I'd prefer.

But it's all Godzilla!

Rip Off


  1. Godzooky was only slightly less annoying than Scrappy Doo.

    1. I'll take Scrappy over Godzooky, at least he was energetic. Godzooky has that dopey look all the time.

      Rip Off


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