Thursday, June 5, 2014

Flash Of Greatness!

After several years IDW Publishing has completed the four-volume reprinting of Alex Raymond's classic Flash Gordon strip. These comics have been reprinted many times, but have never looked this good nor have they been reprinted at this size which allows not only for the original Raymond Gordon strips to be shown but also his Jungle Jim topper strip which accompanied the classic space opera series. This is as close as we're going to get in this modern day to reading these adventures in the way they first greeted the impressionable and eager audience of the 30's and 40's. Given the absolute saturation of science fiction throughout our modern world, it's possible that these strips are the most influential of all time.

Here's a look at the other exceedingly handsome volumes. Go here for more information on the series.

Rip Off

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  1. I have that first volume, and yes it's awesome to see the Jungle Jim strip as well. I have the whole series from an earlier reprint, in smaller format. Quite the change in Raymond's style over a few short years. At first I didn't like his later tight style as much as the earlier lush style, but now I like it all! Hugely influential artist, but I wonder how many new comic fans have even heard of him?


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