Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mach Go Go Go!

While at my new favorite bookstore, Half-Price Books, I stumbled across a wonderful bargain--a clean slip-cased set of Mach Go Go Go, better known to me as Speed Racer. This is a two-volume set of the original manga which inspired the anime which was translated into English and broadcast in America during the 60's. The influence of that cartoon was culturally immense, though I confess I didn't see them until years later.

I found this set, a neat companion to the complete anime/cartoon collection I picked up several years ago. Both were released in 2008 in conjunction with the failed live-action movie update. That version tanked, but it did give us these gems, so it's a great event nonetheless.

Handsome and sleek, both the dvd and the hardcover manga reprint offer insights into a fresh style of entertainment, one I'm not all that familiar with.

Mach Go Go Go Indeed!

Rip Off

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