Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Real Hottie!

Bill Ward was a special artist. He had that uncanny knack of being able to simultaneously draw a fetching female who oozed sex and still seemed somehow impossibly demure.  A Ward woman was always exceedingly well endowed, gifted as it were with those special attributes men find alluring from a distance and even up close. Among Ward's greatest visions was his creation Torchy, a vintage hottie often rendered by the very talented Gill Fox after Ward was shifted to more traditional romance comics by his publisher. Torchy Todd is a blonde bombshell who affects the men around her with seismic intensity.

As you can see by the covers above and below, Torchy as illustrated by Ward made a most memorable impression. Also on hand are some recreations Ward did based on these original Torchy covers. The artwork above for an early edition of Bob Overstreet's Price Guide also showcased the bodacious beauty and other lovelies as well. For the record: Wonder Woman, Bulletgirl, Hawkgirl, Miss Fury, Lady Luck, Sheena, and Phantom Lady.

Rip Off


  1. Love that they had him draw the cover for a "women in comics" issue rather than the usual "let's get Trina Robbins to draw and cat yronwode to write an intro" stuff.

    1. The problem was there were relatively few women in comics. That's no longer the case, one area in which things are indeed improved.

      Rip Off


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